Eliminating the “Eeyores” in your life

St. Augustine Lighthouse, St. Augustine Florida.

Google prides itself in ranking as the top search engine. “Googling” is now part of common vernacular. However, I think the mind is the greatest search engine of them all. It can often be to our detriment.

According to the Blog, “The Morning Mind,” when the mind has one negative thought, it races to find other things to reinforce the thought. My daughter says our news feeds only reinforce our negative biases.

According to the Blog, there are antidotes to negativity. Gratitude is the key to having a positive mindset. Once you determine to start each day with gratitude it balances your perspective. Your mind will start to find things to be grateful for. When I started to eliminate the “Eeyores” in my life, I felt more grateful and peaceful. I began exercising, painting and meditating.

I was surprised when a leftover clip from a collage flashed with the words “Positive Thinking.” “The Morning Mind” calls this “The Law of Positive Attraction.” There were other words but I automatically ignored those.

When I checked my emails, I started gravitating toward the positive ones. I opened one by Canva entitled “What’s the one thing that makes you smile.” It made me think about lighthouses. I also recalled a comment on my Instagram that said my St. Augustine Lighthouse art cheered them up. Our positivity and gratitude can make the world a better place.



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